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How Social Media Effects the Journalistic Process

From changing the way journalists receive information to the way they choose to share their stories, social media has significantly shifted the journalism industry.

Source: Getty Images via News Media Alliance

The growth of social media has drastically impacted the conventional methods of news gathering. It has allowed journalists to directly interact with their audience in order to further understand what type of content piques their interest. Just as with anything, where there are positives there are always negatives. With the variety of different social media outlets, people expect news to be delivered in real-time which can often lead to errors or the production of fake news.

Word travels fast especially in the world of social media. Reporters are able to send information out into the world in seconds through the instant access to media via smartphones. Oftentimes things are misinterpreted and words are twisted in order to exaggerate situations like we see in the examples below.

Source: Jason Miller via Twitter
Source: Ministry of Health via Twitter

If there’s anything we’ve learned so far it’s that social media cannot always be a trusted source for news. The infographic below illustrates the impact social media has on the news. Journalism has always been a competitive industry but the introduction of media and technology took that to another level.

Source: Article Written for ING

Journalism is a product of modern history and it is shaped by the politics of the places where it works. Although social media provides competition for mainstream media, it opens doors to new business models such as subscriptions and collaborations. As long as journalists continue to connect with their audience via social media, the future of journalism looks diverse, relevant and engaging.

The growth of social media has allowed journalism to flourish. Since there is significantly more competition than there was prior to the rise of media, journalists need to prioritize fact-checking. People value information that they can trust rather than fake news. With that being said, social media is ready to take journalism to a new horizon.